Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Post (registration day)

I'm working through the week 1 checklist:

    1. Mission 6 - Join us in Minecraft
Missions 1-3:
I put a brief introduction in the G+ Community. Since Blackboard Collaborate doesn't work on my laptop, I can't do this, but I can use the app on my phone, so hopefully that will suffice. Now I am filling out the registration form, which requires the creation of a blog for reflections. 

I will work on Missions 4-6 later. Not feeling reflective...

But at least I was finally able to pay for Minecraft, which I couldn't do several weeks ago when I set up my account. It wouldn't take a PayPal payment. But today, it did. I downloaded the game to my laptop. However, there is a problem with drivers.... I have no idea what to do. I just inadvertently closed the program. Time for dinner.